Tirana & Mount Dajti Daytrip

Tour Itinerary




Tirana Private Day Tours are organized by Our Local Guide in Tirana, Albania.

For the visitor in Tirana for a short period, we have designed this short interesting excursion which can be completed in a few hours and up to a full day.

Tirana, the heart capital of Albania has a never-ending movement and energy. This metropolis city is worth to discover by day and night. Founded in the 1614.

Tirana is now a developed city which combines culture, history, contemporary architecture and lots of hospitality shown towards tourists.

As you take a walk in Tirana you will enjoy the look of the colorful buildings, fancy coffees and green parks. It offers a mixture of some antique remains. Italian style architecture of the 20th century and communism buildings artistically repainted recently.

This mixture combined with the mountains and sea close by and up to 300 sunny days per year, give Tirana a distinct Mediterranean feel in any season.

Explore the culture and nature of Tirana, the Albanian capital city.

Sightseeing in Tirana

After meeting with the guide in front of the National Museum we will be introduced for a quick History of Albania. After the visit we walk through the Et’hem Bey mosque, where we visit the mosque and the clock-tower.

For those interested in Art, the National Art Gallery of Albania has a fund of over 4,000 works of art by Albanian and foreign authors, spanning seven centuries of Albanian cultural heritage.

Of interest here are the paintings from the realist socialism period where art was one of the tools used as propaganda by the regime.

The cable car to Dajti

Then we proceed to the Dajti Mountain. With the cable car offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Tirana we will enjoy a traditional restaurant surrounded by the flora and fauna. After lunch and time to relax we will be back in Tirana.

Proceed with the Pyramid (mausoleum of the late communist leader Enver Hoxha, designed by his daughter). Just before entering “Blloku” area (literally the Block) we’ll observe the memorial with 3 objects representing terror, paranoia and isolation, as instruments of dictatorship.

As an addition to this we see also the former Enver Hoxha’s house in Bllok.

We end the tour with a refreshment in the Sky Bar a 360 degree platform on the 20th floor of a building where the whole panorama of the city can be admired.