One Day Tour in Komani Lake

One Day Tour in Komani Lake

A one-day tour in Komani Lake offers a chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of one of Albania’s most stunning natural landscapes. Komani Lake, located in northern Albania, is renowned for its emerald green waters, dramatic cliffs, and serene atmosphere.

Check-in at 8:30 am at Komani’s terminal

Start: 09:00

End: 15:30

Departure from Tirana:

Start your day early by departing from Tirana, the capital of Albania. You can either join a guided tour or arrange for private transportation to Komani Lake. The drive from Tirana to Komani Lake takes approximately three hours.

Arrival at Koman:

Upon reaching Koman, you’ll embark on a scenic boat trip across Komani Lake. The boat ride is the highlight of the tour, offering mesmerizing views of the lake surrounded by towering mountains. The calm waters and the lush landscapes create a tranquil setting that is truly awe-inspiring. We sail for 40-45 minutes before arriving to Peace Island, enjoying one of the most beautiful views in Europe, During the sail time we make a few stops at different characteristic stations before arriving at Guesthouse 5 Stinet, in front of the “Peace Island“, in Berishe that is the most attractive part of the Komani Lake.

Traditional Lunch:

After the boat trip, you’ll head to a local restaurant to enjoy a traditional Albanian lunch. Albanian cuisine is rich in flavors and offers a variety of dishes featuring fresh and local ingredients. Sample some delicious traditional dishes, such as byrek (a savory pastry), grilled meat, and fresh salads.

Return to Tirana:

After lunch, it’s time to head back to Tirana. The journey back provides another chance to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of northern Albania. Take in the views, relax, and reflect on the beauty you’ve experienced throughout the day.

Komani Lake offers a peaceful escape from the bustling cities and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Albania. Enjoy your one-day tour and make lasting memories of this enchanting destination!