Albania Uncovered

Journey to the South

Cultural trip through Albania

The first day

Reception at Rinas Airport.
Rest (for drinks) about 20-30 min after the flight and then we head to Kruje.
Visit to the historical city of Kruje and the opportunity to have lunch.
Lunch can be consumed before or after the visit if desired.
Return to Tirana, accommodation.
Dinner in Tirana.

The second day

Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Berat, visit of the city of Berat and its attractions.
Lunch in Berat mainly with traditional dishes.
After eating lunch, we leave for Tepelene, where we stop for a visit.
Afternoon, arrival and accommodation in Gjirokaster.
Dinner in Gjirokaster with local dishes.

P.S : GJIROKASTER- Hotel Bineri, Resort Kerculla, Hotel Argjiro, Hotel Restorant Kodra (Dropull)

The third day

Breakfast at the hotel
Visit of the city of Gjirokaster, the Castle, Enver Hoxhe’s Museum House, etc.
Departure and visit to Syri Kalter 30-40 minutes walking round trip.
Arrival and accommodation in Sarande.
Lunch in Sarande with mainly seafood dishes.
Afternoon visit to Butrint.
Dinner can be consumed at Lekursi Castle or in Sarande.

P.S : SARANDE- Hotel Butrinti, Demi,Bungeville, Santo Quaranta, Restorant at Porti

The fourth day

Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Porto Palermo Castle.
Visit the Castle and, if desired, we can also take a bath if the weather is good. It is suggested to bring bathrobes, towels, etc.
Lunch in Himare
Panoramic stop in Llogara where we try the traditional yogurt with honey.
Arrival and Accommodation in Vlora in the afternoon.
Dinner in Vlore.

P.S : VLORE-Hotel Nobus, Restaurant Marina, Premium Hotel, Yatch Hotel Restaurant, Marina Bay Luxury Resort, Bologna Hotel

The fifth day

Breakfast at the Hotel
After morning a visit to Ismail Qemali’s Museum House ,where the Independence of Albania was declared.
Visit to Kanine Castle and Zvernec Monastery.
Lunch in Tirana
Afternoon post lunch visit to the National Museum and Tirana Art Bunker.
Arrival at the airport will be programmed according to the flight schedule.

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