Visit Albania from North to South in 10 days

Tour Itinerary




Visit Albania from North to South for 10 days


Day 1

-Departure from Tirana early in the morning
-Stop along the way
-Panoramic stop at Leqet e Hoti and PendonaljaTamareLumiCem.
-Arrival and Accommodation in Lëpushë
-Lunch at the guesthouse.
-In the afternoon we visit Vermosh and Canyon of Bashkimi.
-Dinner at the guesthouse

Day 2

-Breakfast at the guesthouse
-Departure towards Theth
-Stop at QafeThore
-Arrival and Accommodation in Teth
-Lunch at the guesthouse.
-Visit to the Grunas Reservoir, about 2 hours of walking there and back.
-Stop and visit on the way back to the Theth Church and the 400-year-old Tower of Ngujimi.
-Free afternoon.
-Dinner at the guesthouse

Day 3

-Breakfast in the guesthouse
Visit to Baths in Nderlyese with transport, then exploration walk to SyriKalterTheth, about 2 hours round trip.
-Lunch in Theth.
-Departure directly to Koman, about 3 hours by road
-We take the boats and sail on Lake Koman and then on the Shale River. The views around are amazing, also the boating is an adventure in itself. 1 hour sailing. (Attention, in case the lake level drops, we can walk 15-20 minutes along the river to the guesthouses, of course there is no shortage of help and assistance from guides.
-Arrival and accommodation in Shale (guest house)
-Dinner at the guesthouse.

Day 4

-Breakfast in guesthouse
-Walk to the Balcony, 40 min round trip or
explore the saddle river and the possibility of a beach in the crystal waters.
-Lunch in guesthouse and then we leave by boat to Fierze: 1:30-2 hours sailing on the river and the lake.
-From Fierza we head towards another wonder of the Albanian Alps, the Valbone Valley.
-Arrival and accommodation in Valbone in the afternoon
-Free time
-Dinner at the Hotel

Day 5

-Breakfast at the Hotel
Visit to the Valley of Valbone and the small waterfall of Rragami. The visit is combined for 20-30 minutes with the means of the area (vans) and then there is a 1:30 minute walk there and back.
-Lunch in Valbone
-Return to Tirana
-Arrival around 21:00
-Optional dinner (not included)
-Hotel accommodation

Day 6

-Breakfast at the Hotel early at 06:00 in the morning or we take it with us.
-Departure to Vlora and arrival at the port.
-Visits by boat or speedboat to Sazan Island and the Karabun Peninsula. If we take a boat, we will have the opportunity to explore the cave of Haxhi Alisa, a miracle of nature. Natural monument category 1.
-Lunch as desired at Gjiti where we stop at the beach or boat (not included)
-During the day we will enjoy the beach in the bays of Karaburun.
-The activity ends around 6 pm.
– Departure towards Dhermi.
-Accommodation in Dhermi.
-Optional dinner (not included)

Day 7

-Breakfast at the Hotel
-Boat tour in Gjipe-Pirate Cave-Aquarium Bay-Pigeon Cave.
-In Gjipe we will stay longer in the beach to enjoy the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea and to have lunch as well. (not included)
-If desired, we can also explore Gjipe Canyon, a 30-40 minute walk (optionally)
-Return to the hotel
-Dinner as desired and then festive evening as the case may be (not included)

Day 8

-Breakfast at the Hotel
-Again we are waiting for a day full of adventure where we will visit the incomparable bays of Grame, Saint Andrea and the Blue Cave.
-Lunch is to be brought with you, since in Grame we have the opportunity to have lunch, there are no restaurants (not included)
-Return to the hotel in the afternoon
-Dinner, etc. as desired, but of course there is no lack of recommendations from the guide (Not included)

Day 9

-Breakfast at the Hotel
-Departure for Sarande
-Panoramic stop along the Rivieres.
arrival in Sarande.
-Beach on the 3 Ksamil islands, possibility to have lunch (not included)
-In the afternoon we visitButrint National Park
(Ticket not included)
-Accommodation in Hotel in Sarande.
-Dinner as desired, festive evening in case of arrangements (not included)

Day 10

-Breakfast at the Hotel
-Boat or speedboat visits to Krorez Bay, Kakome, Gremina, etc
-Return in the afternoon to Sarande
-Lunch if desired (we will be informed 1-2 days in advance if there is a restaurant in Krorez or not as they open later) on the contrary with you.
-Departure to Tirana with a stop along the way.
-If we have time, we will also make a stop at SyriKalterDelvine, 30-40 min walk.
-Late arrival in Tirana
*End of Service.

Price : 999 per person


*Transportation throughout the trip
*Accommodation for 4 nights in guesthouse in the North of the country and 5 nights in 3/4 star hotels in Tirana and Dhermi / Sarande.
*Breakfast for all days (1-10)
*Dinners and lunches in the North (4 lunches and 4 dinners)
*Sailing in Koman River Shales and Fierze.
*Boats or Ships to go to all the mentioned Bays.

Not included:

*Entrances to the museum or the Castle
*Everything not mentioned under section included


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